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General Questions


Can I order products for myself without participating in the PBI Dealer/Fundraising program or Wholesale program?
Yes! Our website is set up to take retail orders for those of you who wish to purchase products for yourselves, without participating in the PBI Dealer/Fundraising program or Wholesale program. There are no minimums when purchasing products at the retail price.


How long does it take to process my order?
Our offices are open Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Easter Standard Time). Orders placed online that are received by 12:00 PM (EST) will ship that same day. Phone orders, emailed orders, and orders received by mail are generally processed and shipped within 48 business hours of their receipt. However, ALL ORDERS can take up to 72 business hours to process BEFORE they are shipped.


What forms of payment are accepted?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express, as well as certified cashier’s checks, money orders and checks. Schools are allowed to use school checks and churches may use church checks. 


What do I do if there are items damaged or missing from my order?
If there are any issues with your order, you must report the problem to us within 5 business days of receiving it, and we will take all measures to make it right. Any missing or damaged items reported after 5 days will not be honored. Please check your entire order before filing a missing or damaged item claim, because only 1 claim will be accepted per sales order (SO). No Exceptions.


Can I ship my order to an address different from my own?
Yes. Please indicate the desired delivery address on the order form or at checkout when placing your order online. If you are placing multiple orders for several individuals at different shipping addresses, keep in mind that you must still meet the $150 order minimum on your first order if you are participating in the PBI dealer/Fundraising program or Wholesale program, even if this requires you to combine several orders for different customers and ship them to one address. Only one shipping address per order. Shipping charges will be applied to each order.


What does it mean that an item is 'On Backorder?'
An item that is temporarily out of stock, but is anticipated to return to inventory is considered to be 'On Backorder'. If you choose to leave the item(s) on your order, your credit/debit card will be authorized for the full order total, but settle for the item(s) shipping right away. You will be charged separately for the Backordered item(s) when inventory is available; we do not charge you for item(s) until the ship date. Since shipping is calculated on the initial order, you will not incur additional charges for the shipment of the Backordered products unless you wish to upgrade the shipping method or add to the order. It is recommended to leave enough funds on the initial credit/debit card to cover the cost of the Backordered product. We typically process the payment automatically when shipping the remaining order without advanced notice, unless otherwise directed by you specifically.


I saw an item in the catalog. Why can't I find it online?
If an item is not appearing on the website, it has been discontinued or is sold out. 





How do I get my Fundraiser started?
See PBI Dealer/Fundraising tab.


How does the PBI Dealer/Fundraising Program work?
If you're familiar with Avon or Mary Kay, then you're already ahead of the crowd. Essentially, you earn 40% of everything listed in the PBI retail brochure. Start off by passing out the retail brochures and collecting orders from your customers. We find that it is a good idea to collect their payment upfront to avoid running around later, trying to keep track of your customers' standing balances. Once you're ready to submit your first order,  it's best to transfer all information to your consolidated order form. REMEMBER: retail pricing will listed on the retail brochures and via our website. Your discounted rates are printed in the Home Show & Fundraiser Guide. When you have at least $150 of orders on the consolidated order form, you are ready to place your order with us! The difference between the retail and fundraising price is your profit to keep!


Can I participate in the Fundraising Program as an individual?
Yes! You do not have to belong to a group, organization, or association to use our fundraising program as a PBI dealer. We have many individuals who use our fundraising program to earn extra money for themselves. It’s like starting your own small business! 


I am a Fundraiser. Why is the website showing the full retail pricing?
When you create a new user account on the website, you will select one of three customer selections (retail customer, PBI Dealer/Fundraiser, or Wholesale account). The website defaults to retail pricing so if you are a retail customer, nothing else is required. A
t checkout time, PBI dealers and wholesalers will be able to enter their appropriate PBI dealer or Wholesaler promotion code. Based on your classification, you'll receive either a 40% or 50% discount on all of the items listed in the PBI retail brochure. The pricing of the items in your shopping cart will update to reflect your appropriate discounted price.


How do I earn a profit?
For PBI Dealers/Fundraisers, your profit is 40% of the retail price for any product listed via our PBI retail brochure. For Wholesale accounts, y
our profit is 50% of the retail price for any product listed via our PBI retail brochure. All of the other products sold via our website are at retail only prices. 


What is my PBI Dealer/Fundraising minimum?
To qualify for the discount on those items included in our PBI retail brochure only, your first order  must be at least $150, at the discounted price. Once you meet the minimum, on future orders, your minimum PBI dealer/Fundraising order would be $100. 


Do I have to sell items or can I make a purchase for myself?
You can absolutely purchase for yourself or as gifts with no minimum purchase as a Retail client. Simply add items to your cart and check out.

Am I a PBI Dealer/Fundraiser if I am not part or an organization?
Yes, anyone selling items for a 40% profit is considered a PBI Dealer/Fundraiser regardless of team size (1-100+). Many individuals and entrepreneurs have had success earning extra income with this program as well as churches, schools and organizations.

How do I know if I am a Fundraiser or Wholesaler?
If you are selling from the retail brochure and only want to order what your customers have pre-ordered from you, select the fundraising program. If you have a store, eCommerce site, or sell at events and want to have inventory we recommend the wholesale program.  The discount on products listed via our PBI Retail Brochure is 40% for the PBI Dealer/Fundraiser program; it is 50% for the Wholesale program. An EIN number (Federal Tax Identification Number) is required to establish a wholesale account. Click on Request A Wholesale Account and submit your information. Once we approve your submittal, a representative will contact you within 3 business days. At that time, you'll be able to submit wholesale orders.

Do I need to pay anything upfront for the fundraiser?
If you opt to provide your customers with a hardcopy of the PBI retail brochure, the only cost you incur is the costs of the retail brochures. Each retail brochure comes with its own order form on the back, perfect for collecting and keeping track of individual orders! They are sold in packages. There are 50 retail brochures per package. The cost per package is $10.00. There are no additional costs to participate until you are ready to submit your order. 



Shipping and Tax


What shipping methods do you offer?
All orders are generally shipped United Parcel Service (UPS). However, for smaller sized orders, we may ship through the United States Postal Service. At our discretion, we try to minimize any shipments to P.O. Boxes, b
ut we will ship to APO and FPO addresses for military customers.


How much is shipping?
The S/H fee will vary based on your order. Additional information will be provided via your order form or at checkout time. Expedited shipping (3DAY, 2ND DAY AIR, and NEXT DAY AIR) is also available for an additional fee. Please keep in mind that the shipping time does not include the time that is required to process your order.


Can I charge my customers shipping?
You may charge your customers shipping, if you choose, but it's not required.

How much is sales tax?
We are located in Maryland where the sales tax is 6% therefore all ordered that are placed with us will include a 6% sales tax. Customers are responsible for complying with the sales taxes laws depending on the nature of their business (non-profit, for profit, etc.).


Do I charge my customers tax?
For businesses, you must be licensed by your city, county, or state to charge tax. 

When will I receive my items?
Please allow up to two business days to process your order in addition to the shipping method you select.  We are unfortunately not open on the weekends. We will always do our best to get your items to you as fast as possible.

When will my order arrive?
You should receive your order within two weeks of when we receive your payment (slightly longer for checks.)

Are there deadlines?
No, we ship all year round as long as the products are in stock. Bare in mind the closer to December carriers may experience delays so earlier is better for holiday deliveries (for fundraisers please aim to submit final orders by the end of November).

What if I need to return or am missing an item?
If there are any issues with your order our office will need to be notified within 5 business days. Exchanges or returns can be sent to our warehouse and a credit issued provided the items and packaging are unharmed. If an error occurred while placing the order, refunds may be less shipping and/or a re-shipment may incur an additional shipping fee.

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