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Valued Customer,


I would like to thank you for expressing an interest in the Positive Black Images "You Have To See It, To Be It" blog. Our intent is to listen, inform, and be informed thereby helping to effectuate positive change through commentary within and outside of our communities. 

Periodically, I will write columns across a broad range of subject matter (i.e. entreprenuership, citizenship, education, diversity and inclusion, voting, the language of fine art, and more). Please hover over the Blog tab and click on Volume 1  (2023) to view the year to date 2023 postings. In future years, subsequent columns will adhere to a similar structure. 


Via these columns, Positive Black Images will contribute to the public discourse in an open, honest, caring, and unifying manner. You deserve the best, and we are absolutely committed to giving you our best. We look forward to participating in a shared dialogue with you!   





                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Dexter R. Merritt Sr.                                         


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